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Twelve Steps to  Financial Security

This book contains twelve steps that will lead anyone who applies them to financial security. The information in this book was proven to work for the author himself. He now shares the secret to his success with the world. This book also contains the authors experiences in becoming financially secure, in this step by step how-to book.

About the Author, Kelly Patrick Riggs

Kelly Patrick Riggs

Kelly Riggs is a remarkable individual who has transformed his life and dedicated himself to making a positive impact. He comes from a childhood of poverty and abuse. He did poorly as a high school student and joined the United States Army. Upon his release from service, he started working in construction and has had to work hard most of his life.

Later in life, Kelly encountered a new set of challenges. One of those challenges was homelessness. During the looming effects of COVID-19, he became unemployed and lost his home. During this time, he transformed his life through education and started writing. Within two years, he was named an American Best-Selling Author. He can only attribute his newfound success to the unwavering Grace of God. With a new life's realization, he returned to his one true love, his passion for his Lord Jesus Christ. This pursuit revealed to him all the lessons the Lord had taught him throughout his life. It is his continued passion and divine calling to share those lessons with the less privileged who can benefit from those lessons the most. For this reason, he has started sharing the Lord's lessons in his series of books called The Lessons with Jesus.

However, Kelly's mission extends beyond the written word. He also organizes The United Re-Entry Foundation, Inc., tirelessly fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves. In a world where second chances are often elusive, Kelly contributes 50% of his earnings from book sales to combat homelessness.

Kelly Riggs exemplifies his passion for helping others through the transformative power of faith, grace, and determination. You can review all his books on They offer hope, guidance, and practical solutions in a world that needs them. Join him on this journey of compassion, redemption, and making a difference—one page at a time. Kelly Riggs is also available for speaking engagements and mentorship as he continues to provide hope and guidance in person and through the written word.

Please consider donating to the United Re-Entry Foundation, Inc. to help Kelly Riggs continue his mission. Donate

Cullman, AL

Donate to Support the United Re-Entry Foundation

Please consider donating to the United Re-Entry Foundation, Inc. to help Kelly Riggs continue his mission.

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